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Whether you need tutoring to get straight A's, standardized test guidance to get the perfect score, or help with your college application, we can make it happen. Our tutors are from top universities and know exactly what it takes to succeed.

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If you want the A+, you can't just buy the study guide or stereotypical prep book. Our tutors work with students to identify weaknesses and effective techniques to help them succeed. With experience that encompasses different learning styles, S.F. Bay Prep can find the best individualized approach tailored to your student.


Our tutors are all extremely high-caliber and are from top universities, and they can offer your student the best results. All subjects for K-12 are covered, with an emphasis on high school and the college application process. Subjects include SAT, SAT 2, English, History, Math, Science, Mandarin Chinese, college application coaching, and many more.


Our tutors can come to your home anywhere in the S.F. bay area at your convenience. Most of our tutors are located near Stanford. Students outside the bay area can schedule online video chat appointments.


(See rates and special prepaid lesson packages here). We also offer need-based financial assistance. We are more than happy to schedule a 30 minute free consultation about our pedagogical approach and goals and long-term vision for your student. Client testimonials available! Call today at 650.387.6573 or contact us online.